*NEW Model-RASE 8 Rapid Adjust Seatpost* Still the ultimate bike seatpost - only better!

**Replaces the Black Mamba Rapid Adjust Seatpost**

Made in the U.S.A. - $349.00 USD

RASE 8 Features:

● NO Play (Really!)
● Super Strong 2-Bolt Clamp Design
● Up to 8” of on the fly smooth adjustability
● Excellent Cable Routing Design - Cable remains stationary
● Uses off-the-shelf derailleur cable for simple replacement
● Zero Offset ● Available in sizes 27.2, 30.0, 30.9 & 31.6mm

RASE 8 Specifications:

● The fully extended length from the bottom of the collar body is 11.89”[302mm].
● When the post is at full extent, there is still 3.10”[78.8mm] of the post inside the assembly.
● At the lowest position, the seat rails are 3.87”[88.1mm] from the top of the bike seat tube.
● At the lowest position, inserted length is 11.49”[291.8].
● The post diameter is 0.472”[24mm].

RASE 8 Safety Certifications:

The RASE 8 has successfully PASSED Section 4.14.7 (Seat-pillar — Fatigue test) of the European Standard EN 14764, City and Trekking Bicycles Safety Requirements and Test Methods. This European Standard specifies safety and performance requirements for the design, assembly, and testing of bicycles and sub-assemblies intended for use on public roads, and lays down guide lines for instructions on the use and care of such bicycles.


Black Mamba Rapid Adjust Seatpost-$349.00


The patented Black Mamba Rapid Adjust Seatpost instantly raises or lowers on the fly up to a full nine (9) inches and locks securely into place at 20 optional intervals. It is also able to be preset to stop at a rider's personally set maximum seat height, providing the ultimate in power and control when faced with tackling challenging and variable terrain.

The Black Mamba is simply operated from a slick remote lever on the handlebars and takes just minutes to install. Constructed of lightweight but incredibly strong 7075 Aluminum, the Black Mamba weights in at 635 grams and is built to sustain even the most gnarly descents and the steepest climbs ride after ride. It is currently available in four sizes (27.2mm, 30.0mm, 30.9mm and 31.6mm).

So, whether you are an avid rider or more on the casual side, the Black Mamba Rapid Adjust Seatpost will provide you with more power and control out on the trail than any other seatpost. See RASE Seatpost Manual (4.0MB PDF).

Color: Black
Sizes: 27.2mm, 30.0mm, 30.9mm, 31.6mm
Lever Styles: Short Right Hand (Standard), Long Right Hand, Short Left Hand, Long Left Hand
What Lever Style Should I Choose?

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Slick black, neoprene post cover provides added protection from debris entering the post mechanics.

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